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Victoria Ashley
- série Walk of Shame
(Slade, Hemy, Cale)

Claire Adams
- 25 Days

Jennifer L. Armentrout
- série Lux
(Shadows, Obsidian, Oblivion, Onyx, Oblivion 2, Opal, Origin, Lux Opposition)

Abigail Barnette
-série The Boss - 2 díly
(The Stranger, The Boss)

Lauren Blakely
- Mister O

Sarah Brianne
- série Made Man
(Nero, Vincent, Chloe, Lucca, Angel)

L. A. Casey
- série A Slater Brothers
(Dominic, Bronagh, Alec, Keela, Kane, Aideen, Ryder, Branna, Damien, Allanah)

Sarah Castille
- série Redemption
(Against the Ropes, In Your Corner, Full Contact, Fighting Attraction)

Julianna Conners a Piper Phoenix
- Hot Single Daddy

Beth Ehemann
- série Cranberry Inn
(Room for You, Room for More)

Tammy Falkner
- série The Reed Brothers
(Tall, Tatted and Tempting ; Smart, Sexy and Secretive ; Calmly, Carefully and Completely ; Maybe Matt´s Miracle)

Chantal Fernando
- série Maybe
(Maybe This Time, This Time Around, Time and Time Again, Time Will Tell)

Chelsea Fine
- Best kind of Broken

Kennedy Fox
- série The Checkmate Duet
(This is War, This is Love, This is Reckless, This is Effortless, This is Dangerous, This is Beautiful)

Emilia Green
- Stepbrother Undefeated

- série Social Media
(Follow, Like, Block, Status, Profile)

Linda Kage
- série Forbidden Men
(Price of a Kiss, To Professor With Love, Be My Hero, With Every Heartbeat, A Perfect Ten, Worth It, The Girl´s Got Secrets, Priceless)

Jani Kay
- série Scorpio Stinger MC
(Ryder, Two Worlds Colliding)

Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward
- Stuck-Up Suit

Lauren Layne
- série Redemption
(Isn´t She Lovely, Broken)

K. C. Lynn
- série Men of Honor
(Fighting Temptation, Sweet Temptation, Resisting Temptation)
- série Act of Honor
(An Act of Redemption)

Kelley R. Martin
- Down and Out

J. L. Perry
- série Bastard
(Bastard, Luckiest Bastard, Jax)

Aurora Rose Reynolds
- série Until Her
(Until July, Until June)

Alexa Riley
- série Cowboys & Virgins
(Branding the Virgin, Roping the Virgin)

C. M. Stunich
- série Hard Rock Roots
(Real Ugly, Get Bent, Tough Luck)

Shantel Tessier
- série Undescribable
(Undescribable, Unbearable, Uncontrollable , Unforgettable, Unchangeable, Unforeseen, Unpredictable, Unimaginable)

- A Whole New Crowd

Rachel Van Dyken
- série Eagle Elite
(Enchant, Elite, Enforce, Evoke, Elect, Entice, Elicit, Enamor)
- The Bet

Anna Zaires
- série Twist Me
(Twist Me)
- série Tormentor Mine
(Tormentor Mine, Obsession Mine)