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Luděk Čertík (1989, muž) · Jihočeský kraj · statistiky· web

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Knihovny:Jihočeská vědecká knihovna (České Budějovice)
Národní knihovna České republiky (Praha 1)
Knihovna Jana Palacha (Praha 1)

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“[God's] words do not rain down like rocks on those he speaks to; <br />
they mount up with wings or leap through brambles or swim blackly in <br />
ponds. They sleep hainging from trees, stomachs full of hunted insects, <br />
or grow tall and imperious and leafy in the forest. Many, if not most, <br />
of his words hope never to be heard—rooting blindly throught their <br />
dirt-homes or proliferating on the tops of mountains, they are dismayed <br />
when they are discovered, and rush away. His words are not repetitive:<br />
the only thing his words have in common with each other is that they <br />
are strange and they are themselves—they move on their own, through <br />
gutters and caves and swamps and the sky, and some of his words, when <br />
they get tired of hearing his name over and over, and wish to hear him <br />
speak, escape out the back door, like ferrets, like me.” ― Amy Leach, Things That Are: Encounters with Plants, Stars and Animals