Others' Paradise: Tales of Old Prague

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Tato kniha byla vydána českým nakladatelstvím Twisted Spoon Press, které sídlí v Praze a vydává díla českých a slovanských autorů v anglickém jazyce. Oficiální anotace nakladatele: Toward the end of his life Leppin wrote: “Prague remains my deepest experience. Its conflict, its mystery, its rat-catcher's beauty have ever provided my poetic efforts with new inspiration and meaning.” Others' Paradise represents one of the most intense expressions of this experience. Beginning with the highly imagistic “The Doors of Life,” the eight stories contained in this volume detail the contours of the lives and visions of a collection of Prague inhabitants, from a prostitute bound to the decay of the old Jewish quarter, to a man caught in the memory of a lost love, and a shoemaker whose knowledge of the world has been constricted to the view from the window of his cellar workroom. Amidst their differing circumstances what these characters share is an intense desire for lasting human contact and the fated disappointment of all such aspirations. Binding their personal histories, woven into their most intimate details, is Prague itself, the city whose nature, mythical and yet all-too-real, gives shape and force to their desires while simultaneously determining their frustrations....celý text

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Literatura světová, Povídky

Vydáno: , Twisted Spoon Press
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Paradies der Andern, 1922

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Others' Paradise: Tales of Old Prague

2016 · Twisted Spoon Press


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OthersOthers' Paradise: Tales of Old Prague

2003 · Twisted Spoon Press


OthersOthers' Paradise: Tales of Old Prague

1995 · Twisted Spoon Press


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