Christiane Slawik

německá, 1964



Německá novinářka, fotografka a malířka koní.

Christiane Slawik has devoted herself to horse photography with body and soul. Filled with enthusiasm for horses since her childhood and having felt comfortable in all saddles of the world for over 30 years by now she had financed her academic career with paintings and photographing horses. Thus also logical the Topic of her exam: “Hippological Considerations about Naturalistic Horse Representations in the Forming Art”.

After several stays in the USA a radio-cooperation followed and afterwards many years of moderating including the job as editor-in-chief at the television in Germany.

Today Christiane Slawik writes and photographs for several international professional journals and publishing houses. On the search for expressive moments the photo-journalist is steadily inspired by the respective situation, by light and colour, by the aesthetics and the individual charm of each horse. Her photographs and paintings have been exhibited many a time.

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