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Pavel Zůna

česká, 1962



Mr. Zůna is retired Colonel with 30-year active military service career. He served at the commanding and staff positions up to the Ground Forces regiment and nearly 20 years within military intelligence. He retired as Deputy Director of Military Counter-Intelligence and Military Intelligence Service in 2005. During this time, he served as the Head of Military Diplomacy Branch, Assistant Defense Attaché in Belgium and Defense Attaché in United Kingdom. He represented the Czech Republic at the NATO Intelligence Board, NATO Special Committee, EU MS Intelligence Board, National Committee for the Coordination of the Foreign Security Policy and Allied Joint Operation Doctrine.
After retiring from active military service, he worked as the analyst and head of office at the Doctrine Institute, Training Command – Military Academy, and from 2010 he assumed the position of the Head of Life-long Learning Department at the University of Defense in Brno. In this later position he was responsible for senior officer’s career education and security and defense strategic and operational research and development. From he was active as academic at the civilian universities, within NATO Education Enhancement Program, as member of the White Book on Defense working group, Vice-chair of national Armed Forces Development Concept working group, member of the University of Defense Scientific Committee, Co-Director of national Operational Concept Development Board etc. In 2018 he was appointed by the NATO Secretary General to the position of the Director NATO Science & Technology Organization, Collaboration Support Office in Paris. In 2021, after closing his contract at NATO, he assumed the position of the Manager National Information Distribution Center and international cooperation at the Military Technical Institute.
From 2010 he represents the Czech Republic Ministry of Defense at the NATO STO System Analysis and Studies Panel where he acted as a Vice-chair and Chair from 2014 till 2018.
Mr. Zůna earned a Master degree in Chemistry, CBRN specialization, from the Ground Forces University of Vyškov in 1984, Post-graduate degree in Information management and Intelligence from Military Academy of Brno in 1990, Master degree in Strategic Studies from US Army War College of Carlisle in 2006 and Doctorate degree in Economics and Management from Defense University of Brno in 2012.(zdroj životopisu: vlastní)

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