Don't be fooled


Kniha o těhotenství a dítěti (2008) odpad! / uzivatel4708
My review will not be based on this insignificant book but rather on the attitude of this physician. One might have been impressed by this article but don't be fooled . I decided to contact this physician assuming he is competent based on the article. Firstly by email and later by phone ,he will not bother listening to you but rather he will prefer shouting without listening and so his staff,
they never listen and talk all the time, from a prospective of a foreigner he does not represent his country well based on his rude,impatient sarcastic and egotistical attitude. It is one thing being old and ugly with a good attitude but it is even worse if the attitude is pathetic. We were in fact intending to collaborate with him but after his brief interaction it was a good indicator not to proceed if his listening skills are so poor and he knows nothing more than pregnancy which is a given since he is an obstetrician but his communication skills lefts much to be desired. Will certainly not allow his poor attitude to paint the entire of Czech Republic, we will certainly seek out other more competent ,knowledgeable humble and polite doctors from Czech Republic**l

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