Dancing Embers

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Tato kniha byla vydána českým nakladatelstvím Twisted Spoon Press, které sídlí v Praze a vydává díla českých a slovanských autorů v anglickém jazyce. Oficiální anotace nakladatele: Sándor Kányádi is from a small ethnic Hungarian village in Transylvania. He has lived his life in Romania where through his work as writer, translator, and editor he has endeavored to keep his language and culture alive amidst an often hostile environment. There is probably no Hungarian town or village of any size in the whole Carpathian Basin that Kányádi has not visited to recite in schools and libraries not only his owns poems but also the Hungarian classics (and always from memory). Like all great poets his work encompasses many styles and forms, often incorporating elements of folk songs and popular myth. A recipient of many literature awards in Europe, including the top prizes in both Romania and Hungary, this is the first comprehensive volume of his poetry to be published in English. Foreword by Catherine McNamara....celý text

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Vydáno: , Twisted Spoon Press
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Valaki jár a fák hegyén, 1994

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Dancing EmbersDancing Embers

2007 · Twisted Spoon Press


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Dancing Embers
Dancing Embers

2002 · Twisted Spoon Press